Once again on Saturday 6 April 2024, Members of the  Sud-Ouest France Branch RAFA ventured to Chateauneuf-sur-Charente in the Charente Department of France to pay homage to FS Donald Hoddinott, who died tragically in April 1944 whilst parachuting from his stricken Halifax bomber. Donald was the gunner on board the Halifax of 644 Squadron from RAF Tarrant Rushton on SOE duties dropping arms to the local resistance. The aircraft caught fire but sadly FS Hoddinott’s parachute did not open and he died. His memorial is at the roadside in Chateauneuf (Fontaury) where a wreath and crosses are laid every year in remembrance. The photo shows from left to right Derick GODFREY, Penny DAY and David LAWS at Donald’s memorial.